E-Plan / English [英語] 2-04 清明、花季
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| 討論議題 |

1. The customs of Tomb Sweeping vary according to the different areas.

Please find out the different traditional rituals in the different places.

For examples, who should clean their ancestor’s tomb before the Chingming Festival?


2. How do Chinese people remember their ancestors?

Why do they honor their ancestors and deceased relatives with different types of offerings?

3. What is the traditional ritual for Tomb-Sweeping Festival in Taiwan?

How do you commemorate your deceased ancestors and family members?

Do you keep the traditional ritual today? Why or why not?

4. Tomb-Sweeping Day is the most important festival for the Chinese people to pay respects to our ancestors.

Please do the further research and compare and contrast the festivals of the Dead in the different cultures, such as All Saint’s Day, All Soul Day, and Halloween.

5. In order to create the festival atmosphere, people in the western culture use different objects, such as mask, costumes, spooky images, bright decorations, skull candies.

Which one would you like to do some research for the report?

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